How to Setup IPTV on MAG 250/254/260 ?

First of all retrieve your device MAC Address and send it to us for activation.
Then do the following:
1-Reboot your device by powering it off and on
2-Whilte booting, once the loading image pops up, press set/setup button to load portal
3-To open up servers section, press set/setup button again
4-Go to "Portal URL 1", press the "KB" button and type the portal address we have given you
5-Press the "KB" button again and then choose OK to go back to the previous page
6-Now go to "Reload Portal" and then press OK

How to Setup IPTV on LG or Samsung Smart TV?

A: You can download and install LG Official App for IPTV from LG App Store by clicking here.
B: Samsung Official App for IPTV from Samsung App Store can be reached by clicking here.
B: Also you can purchase a paid app called Smart IPTV App from here.

How to work with Smart IPTV App?

See installation guide of this app by clicking here.
Once it is installed, you`ll see a default playlist just to show you how this works but eventually you need to upload your own list into this app. To see how to load your own list into the app click here.
If you need a converter for converting your playlist into Smart IPTV format, click here.

Guide to the Remote Controller function:

General RC commands

P+/P- and Arrow buttons – navigate through pages, groups and channels.
ОК, Wheel, Up/Down – load channel list in Play mode.
INFO, INFOx2 – show programme information.
Number Keys – direct channel selection. “0” – previous channel in Play mode.
BACK – hide channel list and info; go back to primary list.
RATIO, Q.MENU – picture ratio.
PLAY – reload window; STOP – relaunch stream.
PAUSE – show stream link.
RED – switch to DVB input and back.
GREEN – EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) + Archive (if supported).
YELLOW – All channels, show digital clock in Play mode.
BLUE – Groups, Constant Infobar.

How to run IPTV on PC/Laptop?

We suggest using two well known softwares, Kodi or VLC.
You simply need an M3U format channel list to run it with these softwares.

To download Kodi from it`s official website click here.
To download VLC Player from it`s official website click here.