Installation Options on Smart TV`s

Nowadays we see a Smart TV on almost every house. These TV`s run like computers, having Operating Systems, big CPU`s, Having access to App Stores and ... . That said, you can install an IPTV Player App on them and run the service Directly on your smart tv. On most regular smart tv`s like Samsung and LG, these apps work almost flawlessly, providing you any sorts of options you need including EPG.

Here are the most common Apps which can be installed on a smart tv:

1-One of the best, if not the best itself, apps is called Smart IPTV App. It has all sorts of options like sorting channels, EPG and ... . Installation guide of Smart IPTV App can be found herehere .

There are definitely other apps/plugins/add-ons but the ones we tested and approved are the above.