How to add channels as an enigma 2 bouquet?

Some clients prefer having IPTV channels added to their box as an Enigma 2 bouquet list, same way they have their satellite channels. This was you can create your desired bouquets with IPTV channels or add them into your current bouquets right beside your satellite channels.

To do this there are two ways:

1- First method includes a file containing all IPTV channels provided by us. You need to FTP the file inside your box or in other words, you transfer the file into your box. It ususally goes to /etc/enigma2/ folder and basically right beside your other bouquets you already have. For FTP program, we suggest filezilla. It`s a simple to use program and what you need is your SSH login details. Once connected you go to the path menthioned above and paste the file there. Bouquet should appear immediately.

2- Second method is the same as above except this time you use SSH terminal and an autoscript command. You`ll get the bouquet as a script command and once you are connected to your box using SSH terminal, then you simply execute that command and it will add the bouquet to your box immediately.