Latest IPTV News

Sky UK Reworked - All Real Local (May 23th 2017)
We have noticed some issues with skyuk channels. Also there were some channels in our list which were not local. Now 100% of the UK bouquet is direct local and you can count on the quality and stability. Missing and unstable channels like Irish TV3, 3E, TG4, RTE1, RTE2 and asian channels like Star, zee and also some missing channels like Discovery Shed, Investigation Discovery and few more have been added and stabilized. If your list is not working or your Plugin/Player doesnt show the new listing, please redownload the list.
Sky UK Localized - Huge Quality Improvement (May 4th 2017)
New direct local source of SkyUK has been implemented. Quality has much been improved and stabilized. All Sports, Movies and entertainment channels are now in full HD.
Scandinavian Channels Re-worked and Re-organized (March 27th 2017)
Formerly we had Scandinavian channels under the SC: tag. These channels have been re-worked and re-organized. Quality is better now. Also, these channels are now fallen into two categories of DK: as for Denmark and SE: as for Sweden.
Romanian Channels Localized (March 24th 2017)
As per some requests from our users, Romanian channels are now being streamed from a local source. All channels are available including Dolce Sports.
Canal+ Spain Localized (March 12th 2017)
Canal+ Spain has been added from a local source. Channels have HD and SD quality. Some of the available channels are: Bein Sport Max Spain, Bein Sport Laliga, Multideporte and ....
Bein Sports Arabia Localized (March 9th 2017)
Bein Sports Arabia 12 HD channels have been added to our service directly from a local source. Channels are transcoded so low speed clients are able to watch these channels smoothly.
Canalsat France Localized (March 5th 2017)
Almost all Canalsat France channels have been added to our service directly from a local source. Channels including all SFR Sports 1-5, Bein Sports 1-3 and Bein Sports MAX 4-10, Foot 24+, Canal+ , Cine+ and ... . Channels are transcoded so low speed clients can watch HD channels even with low speed internet connections.
Italian Lega Pro Channels Added (January 25th 2017)
As per your requests, Lega Pro channels have been added to the service. Redonwload your list and enjoy.
PT Channels Localized (December 21st 2016)
Almost all of our Portuguese channels (Meo and NOS) are being streamed from a local source. HD channels are raw and non-transcoded to bring you the real HD quality so you need at least 15 megabits of internet to watch them problem free.
Skyde Localized (December 13th 2016)
Skyde package is now brought to you directly from a local source. HD channels are in real HD resolution and for low speed clients SD channels are available too.
Quality issue resolved - in progress (December 13th 2016)
Due to some server issues caused by our Data center, we have had slight quality issues in the past few days. Some improvement measures have been taken and currently service has acceptable quality. Further updates regarding this issue will be posted soon.
Moviestar+ Spain Added (July 20th 2016)
Movistar+ Spain has now been added. High bitrate channel plus full coverage of live events of La Liga.
Belgian and Bulgarian Channels Added (July 20th 2016)
As per your requests, Belgian channels from TV Vlaanderen have been added. Almost all of them are over 720p HD resolution. Also few Bulgarian channels with acceptable quality have been added.
EX-YU Channels Now Completely Added (July 20th 2016)
All EX-Yugoslavian channels added. Satellites are Polaris (39E) and Eutelsat (16E).
Potuguese Channels Added (July 20th 2016)
Almost all Meo and Zon channels have been added to our service. Since quality is high, you need a high speed broadband to watch them. All Sport TV channels are full HD.
Sky Italia Fixed (June 17th 2016)
We finally managed to fix Sky Italia on our service. It is now fully organized, channels match their list title and picture quality is stable.
Sky UK Added (March 13th 2016)
Sky UK has now been added with a high quality. Picture resolution is high and quality is stable.