Installation Options on Enigma 2 Boxes

Most of IPTV clients are tend to run the service on their boxes. It is understandable as it would let them keep their habbit of controlling it using the same remot controller and box they use for their Satellite channels. It would also let clients to quickly shift from CCCam service to IPTV with 2 clicks.

We advise 3 methods for this purpose:

1-First method - which is also the method we advise the most - is through our Enigma 2 Plugin. This plugin provides you with a good range of features including: A-Channel guide (EPG) B-Categorized channels sorted in Live TV channels based on nationalities and VOD`s sorted in TV Shows and Movies C-Local Recording which can be saved to USB stick D-No need for user/pass accouting and all is managed by the MAC address of the box. It can be installed on almost all old, common and newly made Enigma 2 boxes compatible with all sorts of images. Contact us for more info.

2-Second method is Enigma 2 Bouquet listing which allow you to add channels to your box the same way as satellite channels. Once you do this instalaltion, channels will be added as a bouquet right beside your satellite channels bouquet listing. It can be done in two ways either through an autoscript command or by transferring the bouquet file into your box. Detailed installation guide for this bouquet installation can be found here.

3-Third method includes other plugins and players which are either built-in softwares or can be added from the plugin page of your box image. There are boxes which are both designed for IPTV and CCcam and they have such softwares installed. in that case, you simply need to ask your IPTV provider for a m3u or webtv list file and follow the installation guide of that software.