Running IPTV on Openbox v8s

Openbox v8s has been one of the most common boxes used over the years as it is cheap, easy to use and straight forward specially if you are a CCCam user. Now as IPTV is dominating the market, some of openbox users have no option except running the IPTV service on this box.

Attention: RAM is something that IPTV relies on as IPTV players buffer the video first and then plays it. Openbox v8s has low ram and cpu, hence after changing channels, or sometimes without any reasons, Openbox may crash. We just want you to lower your expectations while using IPTV on your Openbox IPTV Player.

The well known IPTV Player app on Openbox v8s is called WebTV. You simply need to  import a m3u file using USB flash drive onto your Openbox v8s and the job is done, but there are two methods doing so. First method is the usual way, uploading the file from the WebTV app menu. When that method doesnt work or you dont have the "Read By USB" option on WebTV App page, the m3u file must be uploaded through Upgrade page located on Tools menu of Openbox.

Suggestion: We advise you to rename the m3u file of your account into WebTV.m3u meaning if your m3u file is like "youraccname.m3u" you simply change "youraccname" inot "WebTV" and leave the format be as m3u. The WebTV app reads m3u files with WebTV.m3u name better.

IPTV Installation on Openbox v8s (First Method) :

1-Connect the USB containing the m3u file of your subscription
2-Open Menu
3-Move right all the way to "Multimedia"
4-From the list choose "WebTV"
5-If there are channels already on that list, you are advised to remove them first by pressing the green button.
6-Now press the yellow button to "Read By USB" then the channels will appear

IPTV Installation on Openbox v8s (Second Method) :

1-Connect the USB containing the m3u file of your subscription
2-Open Menu
3-Move right all the way to "Multimedia" and open WebTV, then remove channels by pressing the green button.
4-Now go back to the main menu and move to "Tools"
5-From the list choose "Upgrade By USB"
6-On the next page, change Upgrade Mode to "Misc Files" and from the bottom of the list choose "Select & Upgrade"
7-From the window that pops up, choose "WebTV.m3u Web Stream" and you should get a green tik on the right side. Afterwards press the yellow button
8-Once the process is finished, you`ll see a message saying "Upgrade Finished. Press Info Key for Result".
9-Press exit twice to go back to the menu and from Multimedia open WebTV app. Channels should appear on the list.


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