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As a responsible IPTV provider, we feel obligated to be honest and keep our clients updated with latest changes and upgrades. So it is advised to keep checking this page regularly for latest news about the package you like the most. Simply find the accordion of your desired bouquet below to see related service details, service providers, latest updates and the actual list of channels and VOD`s
Latest Change Log of Live TV Projects:
U.K (BT 4K added) - August 11, 2022
Germany (DAZN1-30 Added) - August 8, 2022
Czech (Canal+ Sport Added) - August 7, 2022
Australia (AFL NRL Added) - July 28, 2022
Germany (Many Additions) - July 26, 2022
Ukraine (Setanta Added) - July 26, 2022
U.K (DAZN Added) - July 24, 2022
Germany - July 4, 2022
Tennis TV (Added) - June 14, 2022
France - June 6, 2022
Germany - June 5, 2022
Netherland - June 3, 2022
Belgium - June 2, 2022
Portugal - June 1, 2022
Romania - May 27, 2022
Movies and Recorded Events
Here you can find the list of our Movies in 3D, 4K and HD. Please pay attenton to the points below:
-List gets updated almost everyday so keep checking it to see what are the latest movies added.
-Latest additions are listed on the top so you could find the newest ones easier.
-Most devices/player apps update your list automatically but in case they don`t, you need to manually update the list by downloading it from the account link you are provided.

Movie Name





Elvis August 7, 2022 2022 4K High
Elvis August 7, 2022 2022 1080p High
Purple Hearts August 7, 2022 2022 1080p High
Luck August 5, 2022 2022 4K High
Luck August 5, 2022 2022 1080p High
Prey August 5, 2022 2022 1080p High
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie August 5, 2022 2022 1080p High
Thirteen Lives August 5, 2022 2022 1080p High
Minions: The Rise of Gru August 2, 2022 2022 4K High
Minions: The Rise of Gru August 2, 2022 2022 1080p High
Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris August 2, 2022 2022 1080p High

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