Which IPTV channels are showing your favorite live events of football?

From now on, there is no need for zapping through all sports channels to find your favorite football live event; You can simply check this page to get the full info about that. This list gets updated as soon as we receive nearly 100% accurate info. Channel names will be identical to what is shown on our IPTV service channel listing. In other words, we announce the live event on channels which are available on our service, not all channels which are going to show the event.

Note 1: All channels with (E) tag have English Commentary.

Note 2: All times are GMT unless a different Time zone is specified.

Special Events/Pay Per View - Update on May 21, 2022

Special Events/PPV 01 - 4PM PRELIMS UFC Fight Night
Special Events/PPV 02 - 7PM UFC Fight Night Holm v Vieira
Special Events/PPV 03 - 11:45AM Before the Bell Buatsi v Richards
Special Events/PPV 04 - 2PM Buatsi v Richards
Special Events/PPV 05 - 2PM Mayweather v Moore
Special Events/PPV 06 - 2PM Wicked N Bad 3
Special Events/PPV 07 - 5:10PM Janibek v Dignum
Special Events/PPV 08 - 10PM Benavidez v Lemieux
Special Events/PPV 09 - 7AM JCK MMA Week 3
Special Events/PPV 10 - 10:15AM Superbikes at Virginia
Special Events/PPV 11 - 11AM Grapplefest 12 Leon v Barch
Special Events/PPV 12 - 12PM Cinqueoncie v Maric
Special Events/PPV 13 - 4PM NFC 20th Anniversar Fight
Special Events/PPV 14 - 6PM Weekly Racing Fonda
Special Events/PPV 15 - 6PM Weekly Racing Devils Bowl
Special Events/PPV 16 - 6:15PM World of Outlaws Sprint Cars
Special Events/PPV 17 - 6:15PM World of Outlaws Late Model
Special Events/PPV 18 - 7:30PM Fight to Win 202 Pro
Special Events/PPV 19 - 7:30PM Lucas Oil ASCS
Special Events/PPV 20 - 8PM Ice Wars
Special Events/PPV 21 - 8PM NJPW Strong Mutiny Eps 2
Special Events/PPV 22 - 8:30PM Shamrock FC 338
Special Events/PPV 23 - 8:30PM Dynasty Combat Sprots Sprint Brawl
Special Events/PPV 24 - 11PM GCW Maniac
Special Events/PPV 25 - 12AM Turf War Kickboxing

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