Service Live Status Report

Service Live Status Report

February 20 - 05:39pm GMT: Europa League fans: Manchester United vs Club Brugge in English commentary is going to be broadcasted on "AR: Bein Sport Arabia 11" , "UK: BT Sport 2"  and "UK: Virgin Media 2". As for Olympiacos vs Arsenal, you can enjoy the match on "AR: Bein Sport Arabia 11" and "UK: BT Sport 2".

February 20 - 01:57pm GMT: Following up on BT Sport channels having issues during Champions league events past two days, we have now applied a new source and the two sources we are using are divided into the following order: Source 1 is being used on BT Sport 1080p 50FPS and SD versions. Source 2 is being used on BT Sport 1080p 25FPS and 720p. We expect at least one of these two run stable and issue free during BT hot live events. Other ways of getting BT feed is being tested as we speak.

February 18 - 08:53pm GMT: BT Sport 2 HD 1080p 25 fps is stabilized since 20 minutes ago. 50 fps version is lagging and thats due to technical issue on BT side, not ours. You can check BT forums to verify this.

February 18 - 08:32pm GMT: BT Sport 2 HD 1080p 25 fps been having issues, we have applied a fix. 50 fps has been working fine so we urge you to use that stream for perfect picture quality and stability.

February 18 - 03:48pm GMT: UCL round of 16 (1st leg) Live Coverage on Fast IPTV announced here.

February 18 - 02:31pm GMT: UK bouquet back to normal.

February 17 - 10:12pm GMT: Next wave of UK rework starts now.

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