Service Live Status Report

Service Live Status Report

Fast IPTV Helping you fight Corona Virus: So thinking about how we might be able to help you fight this battle and we came up with this idea of making the house quarantine period kinda pleasant. You can ask for any Movie or TV Series to be added to the Video Club section. Make sure it has high rate on IMDB/TMDB. It could be anything from what kids would like to any family show or movie. Stay safe and stay updated with WHO (World Health Organization) and trusted news outlets announcements. Cheers.

STICKY >> July 1 - 11:58pm GMT: [Super High Priority Security Announcement Made on Telegram Channel] If you  care about  your online safety (and we're sure you do) checkout our telegram announcement.

August 09 - 02:54pm GMT: F1TV streams are fixed and live now! Irish PremierDivision match "Derry City vs Shamrock Rovers" added. Same goes with Scottish Premiership events "Kilmarnock v Celtic" and "Rangers v St. Mirren".

August 09 - 08:12am GMT: Hello ladies and Gents! F1 70th Anniversary race is today and although our F1 channels like UK: Sky Sports F1 and IT: Sky Sport Formula Uno have it covered as ever, we will do our best to bring back F1TV feeds just like last year. It's been hard getting F1TV back but we do our best to see if it is possible to bring them up again, possibly today. It will be the main race feed plus Helmet Cams and Stats board. USA rework is reaching the end and along with it so many changes happening, like moving NRL and AFL streams into Australia folder and making a new separate UFC category for our Octagon lovers :) More updates coming soon.

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Sticky Notification - New Clients Only By Referral

Throughout the years, we were open to everyone and did welcome all new clients.

But at the beginning of this new football season (2019-2020), after a predicament we overcame, we have come to a decision which will be the base of our plans moving forward.

Reason: This decision has been made to protect our servers as well as the identity/contact info of our clients.

How it works:

If you are interested in our service and want to join it is required to find a friend, family member or someone who is our paid client to vouch for you. They need to email us and mention your name and email address. Once we receive the referral, we will process the order.

This referral process applies to Free Trials and Paid Account Purchases.

From now on, Fast IPTV grows slowly but steadily!

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Fast IPTV was launched in 2015 with the purpose of providing, if not the best, one of the best possible IPTV streaming services that clients would ever find. We live up to our name: if the service title says Fast, then we are fast in terms of providing, supporting and maintaining. Clients are welcome to try the service for free and then if they find it satisfactory, we would be happy to have them joined. So Simle ;) and give us a shot.

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