Service Live Status Report

Service Live Status Report

March 24 - 09:38am GMT: Live events coverage table updated here. VOD updates also available here.

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Sticky - Enough is Enough! (February 6 2021)

Enough is enough!

Since August 10th 2019, I decided to run this service behind closed doors to avoid EPL Block (a block which results in our IPs getting blocked by UK ISPs). For 2 years every time Premier League was about to start I had stress whether people who paid Fast IPTV can enjoy a nice weekend of football or not. You can say I have put some grey hair on :) but enough is enough. 

Since Feb 2nd, we again got hit but a serious EPL Block about which I honestly can not do anything. Even right now a new protection method is applied but I don’t even care other it works or not.

Remember las month when they threatened UK clients that they will send you copyright letters?

A company called Friends MTS has been in charge of all these blocks and this year they started something called DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) which basically means even if you run the service through a branded app like IPTV Smarters which can hide the domain address from clients, they inspect the data of UK clients and find the provider’s address that way and block happens. If you want details read this article >

Since August 2019, this service lost so much business opportunities just to make it safe agains a Block which only happens in the UK. You can imagine how much money we have lost not allowing other legit clients and resellers joining us.

To say goodbye to that weekend stress of EPL Block, and for you good people to secure your internet activity from prying eyes, VPN is the way to go. At I have created many useful tips and tutorials how to run IPTV over VPN and why you should do so. Study that website and if you have any questions, sales email address is where you can ask for help.

Remember, it is only about few ISPs in the UK and Ireland and not all, not any other country. BUT how long before all ISPs comply to this?!

I am fully aware that paying for VPN, especially in these hard financial times, might be costly to some of us. Therefore, I decided to recheck our 6 and 12 months subscription and apply a price drop. Need to first check some highly rated VPN providers, check their prices and apply a discount. For instance our 12 months subscription is $120, if a 30% discount applies, and we set it to $80, then the discounted amount can be spent for a good VPN subscription. I am calculating to make everything right.

Our resellers will be able to pick one of their 1 3 6 or 12 months rates and we will drop those rates accordingly as well. So no worries.

If this has come to this point for us, it will get to other providers, a provider that the guy next door has subscription from without the need of VPN but trust me people, sooner rather than later, this will happen to everyone.

By using VPN on clients’ side:

1-we can reopen the doors to everyone once again and who cares whether our IPs are blocked?! You are connected to us through VPN, fully secure and service will run uninterrupted.

2-no need to discontinue MAG support. You can resume using your MAG devices and Stalker apps like STB EMU, Smart STB ….

3-Since yesterday, our streaming is back to HTTP, meaning all apps and player engines like OE20 on XtreamTV plugin and Enigma 2 boxes can be used again, give it a try, you will see how great it is :)

Been always honest with you people, never told anyone a lie once and never asked anyone to spend their money on this service before they are fully sure this service is for them after a full free trial period. So Trust me when I say this is the way to go.


Yours Faithfully,


First Admin and Owner of Fast IPTV