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Service Has Encountered An Issue + Issue resolved (BETA Mode) + 78 Updates (October 17 2019)

Since this morning (September 18, 2019) our CMS software has encountered an issue from it's core servers and won't load anymore. This is affecting Single users and Resellers the following way:

Single Users: All your new requests like Renewals, profile edits and ... will have to be set on hold and queued until we find a solution for the CMS interface. Anyone who renewed/purchased the service before this incident should be able to view their program issue free.

Resellers: Since panel interface is down, you can not load your dashboard so basically you can not do anything at the moment. Needless to say that your previous modifications should be intact and your clients should have no issues watching their service.

This has hit almost every IPTV provider on the market, therefore we ask for your patience and trust until we resolve this.

1st Update: Some channels are being unstable which is due to the fact that sources we are using are dealing with the same issue from the same CMS panel. We are still working on this hard.

2nd Update: New CMS solutions are being hammered by loads of providers migrating to them or they are lazy so they respond late. Some of our sources decided to take their service down to migrate to the new cms that's why some of our channels like UK PT IT are down.

3rd Update: We advise all resellers to answer their end-users and don't keep them in the dark. Tell everyone we are in this together and almost all IPTV providers facing the same issue. Even if you are stable, it does matter whether your source of streams running stable or not. At the moment first and second best UK-US-CA source on the market are down so that's why those channels arent working.

4th Update: Due to security reasons, we have been advised to take our servers down now and the rest of the channels should stop working from now on. Once assured, we will go back online as well.

5th Update: Some asking us about ETA. We are doing our best and remember it's just an accounting issue. Be positive and patient. Might take a few days no one knows and we are not going to speculate on this, instead we would do our best to resolve this.

6th Update: So we have chosen a solution to give it a try and it promises full migration compatibility with our current database, but problem is E2 Plugin XtreamTV clients will need to use something else. Once back online we will send you instructions.

7th Update: Even the best possible chosen solution is proving to be unreliable. They did not expect such load of clients to hammer them so they are trying to coupe with the load. We insist that there is a solution for the situation and you can not call this the end of IPTV. This is an accounting issue and too many people relied on one system. No one has yet been able to block IPTV protocol.

8th Update: Migration to the new CMS solution is being done and looks to be progressing smoothly. Streaming Lines and MAGs are being imported and then we will move to sort lower hand servers and bring up the streams. We'll keep you posted as we make progress.

9th Update: Migration is done. Adding lower hand servers and trying to set our DNS address to the newly installed core server. We expect Streaming line (like M3U) and Stalker users to be the first ones going online. E2 plugin users cant use that plugin at least for now but remember we paired and provided you a m3u url as well alongside the plugin so you can simply change the app/device and use m3u like millions of other IPTV users doing it worldwide.

10th Update: Doing some checking and looks good. M3U files can now be download which means routes are properly setup. Still waiting for CMS developing team to apply proper licensing. It's not 100% done and 100% sure but progression is being done in the right direction.

11th Update: First channel has been tested and worked fine. We are still testing but looks good. We are doing our best to bring the system back online soon as possible hopefully before hot events on Saturday.

12th Update: We have decided to take a shortcut. We are expecting the service to be back online soon hopefully before the start of hot events tomorrow. Stay tuned.

13th Update: No Sleep, No Rest, Working around the clock. Apologies about delayed responses to your emails. Live event servers are almost done. We urge everyone to use the last updated domain and port we provided you for both streaming lines and stalker portal addresses. Although we are doing our best to keep old dns:port address alive but we might not be able to carry on with it. We have already sent you newsletters and asked you to change that to the new address:port .

14th Update: We are still trying to get the best CMS solution up and running but it is proving to be hard. EPL events today are the priority by the way.

15th Update: BT Sport 1 is now live. Remember you need to use your m3u urls to open it with new address:port we sent you 4 weeks ago.

16th Update: Old dns:port should be connecting to the new server just fine now. We're in the process of bringing all streams back online but some of them wont at the moment because providers we are getting feed from are having the same issue. Again, everyone rely on M3U's for now until we sort Stalker Portal for MAG as it is outdated and loading terribly. E2 plugin end-users who got subs from us directly use their M3U which was sent alongside E2 activation.

17th Update: Latest setback is the SQL issue our developer is fixing. Waiting for the job done part. Still BT Sport 1 HD 1080p 25 FPS is running fine which is a good sign. Stay tuned for the next episode :P

18th Update: Servers are in place, we are very close to fully going Live! All clients check BT Sport 1 HD 1080p 25 FPS. If it's working for you then you'll soon have all channels working.

19th Update: UK package almost done. We will fix other countries faster and soon start helping everyone who has issues connecting, specially those clients who relied on E2 plugin and not working anymore.

20th Update: CMS Developer team of the new solution we have chosen are a bit slow, doing some fixed on the CMS and MySQL part. This has stopped us from working on bringing other country bouquets back online. UK Bouquet however is almost done and all BT channels (except for SD) are fixed. Our feed sources have the same issue and if you notice a bit of jumpiness on streams it could be that as well as the CMS itself performing bad on which the developers are working to resolve. Apologies about details, we just need to keep you in the loop.

21st Update: Early morning of September 22nd and almost all country bouquets should be working now specially most UK USA and CA channels. Other common bouquets like PT ES PL ... have issue from the source meaning the source/team/individual from whom we are renting the feed (which is directly from their local tuners) is not up and sorted yet due to the massively hectic situation going on but eventually all will be fine. Resellers will be contacted tonight to have their panels sorted.

22nd Update: MotoGP today on BT was half way, United match was good and now on 69' of Liv match cms and streams are down. Just wanted to confirm it's from our side. Coming online any moment.

23rd Update: Back up since 6 minutes ago. Main goal here is to get passed current live events then we start working on stabilizing process again.

24th Update: Bad ending of the match, sorry about that. Service is freezing right now, it's due to the SQL misconfig which is being resolved by our CMS Team.

25th Update: Due to the updates and reconfiguration commenced by the CMS team, all streams are jumpy and the whole service is unstable. Working on it.

26th Update: We have added another chance of another solution while we are working on this one.

27th Update: More and more of our clients can't connect now due to the work which is being done on CMS database. Fully aware of it.

28th Update: Resellers we know we promised you an announcement earlier last night, forgive us, had to wait for a development and also CMS has few issue on reseller's section being sorted. Stalker devices/apps like MAGs Smart STB ... have issue and we are aware. Please use the m3u url we provided you alongside your paid sub. Most of the changes are applied from CMS side and we also done some tweaks. At the moment ALB streams are loading fine, UK mostly fine although some SD and 720p and few 1080p ones are down being fixed later today, ES SE DK NO PL RO CZ IL should be fixed very soon, PT we need our source to be up very soon Adult channels are up as well.

29th Update: Three things: 1-There are ways to bring back the service online so MAGs and Lines will work but that is an old cms version which has bugs and backdoors and it is possible that the service gets jeopardized so thats why we arent choosing that route. 2-Since the old CMS was on cloud and the cloud server was fallen into Authorities hand, it was not safe anymore to keep it online and thats why we took it down. 3- At the moment everything is down and fixed are being applied. The other situation we spoke about yesterday evening is promising and there is a good chance we come back online soon.

30th Update: At this moment we are LIVE again. Anyone having issues connecting plz send us an email. Rely on M3U for as much as you can.

31st Update: Still been running good, some streams are down from source's tuners, out of our hands. Stalker devices still having issues and acting buggy, if you are running or can run m3u, then that would be best. We could say M3U is the best future solution although Stalker devices should be good but at the moment our CMS is acting weird on Stalker devices.

32nd Update: Please understand that the issue which has his the IPTV market affected everyone, us, you and also the streamers who are the source of the feed. Therefore, to check the service, check multiple channels. Right this moment our Sky Sports UK source is fixing their side, but our Sky Movies source is up to some extend,

33rd Update: We are a bit slow answering emails, do apologize. Inbox is bombarded. Fix and bug fixing on the cms is still being done but still we notice up and down on the cms and also streams. Worst thing is, even Feed providers are not stable anymore. Sky Sports, for instance were down this evening directly from the Feed source.

34th Update: Apologies about no updates since last night. Working on 3 solutions at once.

35th Update: All Stalker users like MAG/Formuler/STBEMU/SmartSTB/ .... if you face a message on your portal saying "Your STB is not supported" email us with your STB model number.

36th Update: Quoting one of our resellers regarding a fix for STB EMU > "I couldn't get stb emu pro to work on 3 sony android tvs. Just black screen. Forced stopped the app and same.,I reinstalled emu free version from google and reentered details and all worked again." So basically it can help if you remove your Stalker app and re install it or if you are on MAG and Formuler, remove the portal and add it again and clean cache.

37th Update: Answering some emails right now. Sorry is the only word we have right now and after that, have no doubt that we are doing our outmost best until all goes to normal. We will work on making UK 100% first, then we go for PT list. There is a good chance we go back to what it was and even have E2 Plugin XtreamTV users back online but let's wait. Read all previous updates and make sure you catch up with everything.

38th Update: Some of you, when emailing us, saying "sorry to be a pain" or "sorry to disturb". You are no pain guys! we are and we do apologize for the situation. This will pass. Regarding the progress, we have many issues with this new CMS which is full of bugs although it's being worked on and fixed. It goes down so much we cant even do our job. We're being told that the solution of going back to how the service was might take a 10 days period from now. We are trying to bring as much of the service and clients as we can online.

39th Update: While dealing with Stone Age era right now, we are chasing two new things: 1- There is a chance that we can make E2 Plugin XtreamTV come back online, coder is working now. 2-Until the bug regarding mass edit channels fixed, we have find a way to bring back all channels which are down fixed. You'll get the update on these two soon. Expect delayed responses to your emails. Do forgive us.

40th Update: Most UK channels are fixed, Sky Sports pack is fixed. Moving to other UK ones like BT.

41st Update: Investigating a weird issue on CMS which drops users after a short period of time.

42nd Update: All emails responded. Group message was sent to all of you but don't think it was copy/paste all the way. We read all your messages. Tomorrow we expect some good stuff to happen. E2 plugin XtreamTV users are not forgotten and we are thinking of a new method on all Enigma 2 boxes which is fast and gives you all channels in proper bouquets.

43rd Update: Ladies and Gents, at the moment there is nothing much we could do for you, no renewals, so checking on your account, basically nothing. Be patient we will notify everyone here.

44th Update: Today either this pain-in-the-ass CMS starts working the way it should or we shutdown the server on this one until stable and redirect everyone to another temporary CMS. We are promised a Jackpot next week (a week from now) but we are doing our outmost best to get it up and running at least for Stalker and M3U users. E2 plugin XtreamTV users will either have their plugin up and running in 7 days or they'll be provided by a new solution. Just keep reading this thread and wait for our signal. Don't forget to change DNS address as explained many times before.

45th Update: Some good progress been made and some of you can see service is connecting at least to some channels and unlike before, it streams just fine without any buffering. Disconnections might still happen as we are working on Databases but we are going forward. Wait for our signal.

46th Update: Today we have made more progress and some clients were able to watch the service for a short while, about 3 hrs. More and more issues are being resolved. We are getting close. We also made some tests regarding E2 Plugin and tomorrow we will know for sure.

47th Update: Not gonna touch any config stuff at the moment. Get on your Stalker and M3U based apps/devices and see if you can come online. Liv match is on BT 1.

48th Update: Massive improvements being made. BT event went smooth and we have seen many users coming online and stayed online during the event unlike past few days which buffering killed the feed. For 3pm stay with DAZN channels in Canada bouquet, They'll be live soon.

49th Update: EPL events went fine and many clients could connect without connection issues. This was a great achievement. There are many bugs in this cms we are using and that stops us from bring other packages up. We are hopeful that in the next 24 hrs so good promises which were made few days ago turn to be true and deliver.

Note: We have closed sales and not going to take a dime from anyone until this is resolved and as we mentioned before, double the downtime period will be added to all and every account, but please dont ask for purchase or renewal for now, service is not worth paying at the moment. Once it is, you'll be notified.

50th Update: You missed your F1 event, shame on us! EPL been running fine now. Once it's finished, we most probably take all servers down to make something good happen. Be advised.

51st Update: Further updates and downtime are scheduled on september 30 between afternoon and evening GMT hopefully we do all-needed actions and start seeing some good results before UTD vs ARS clash!

52nd Update: Right before United vs Arsenal CMS crashed! what the hell?!! we are look at other CMS options. Two customized CMS solutions which can comply with our databases. Just know that the delay on the service going back to normal is caused but some people being irresponsible and not keeping their promises.

53rd Update: Wait for it ... :)

54th Update: Ladies and Gents, We are LIVE! As a result of tireless efforts of our coder friends, old CMS is back live. All M3U and Stalker apps should be live and working from now on. Also E2 Plugin XtreamTV users should be back online as well. There are issues with BT Sport and Sky Sports channels about which we are aware and sorting. Fix is on beta mode and you should expect the service to lag a bit but a huge progress has been made. Further updates will be posted here.

55th Update: Except for BT Sport 720p and 1080p(25 and 50 FPS) all other BTs including BT Extra should be running. Wont be touching anything till after the event. After the match, let us know how you liked it.

56th Update: UCL matches streamed smoothly and we are very happy with the results, hope you are as well. Now we start answering emails, drafted messages and all purchase requests little by little.

Note: As a compensation and appreciation to everyone who stayed positive and waited for us to get back up, we have added a month to all of your accounts, Streaming lines, MAGs and E2.

57th Update: Since 2 hrs ago, we added 30 days to all and every account (Streaming line, Stalker and E2 plugin) existing on our system, so basically everyone should  be LIVE right now. All EPGs should be working all previously added VOD files should be accessible. Reboot your devices/apps and you should be up.

There are some channels which are down:
-Sky Italia: Due to the bust of almost all Italian restream sources, almost all Italian sources are down so we are working on a solution to have this bouquet back up.
-Portugal: It is being source-changed right now and will be back online soon, before the sunrise of October 2 :)
-Israel and Greece: There is a server issue on those channels and we are ordering a new service to have those back up. 
You might see some few other channels here and there not running. They should be fixed soon but if they dont, notify us about them.
Resellers pay attention: We are trying to redirect the same old portal address you were given last time (before September 18) so you all use the same address as before. This needs time and should be sorted soon. 
Since we have added 1 month to everyone, all your expired clients should be back up and running so have no worries about extending or compensating your clients, it's done automatically from our side. Just advise everyone to reboot their device and see if they can go online.
58th Update: PT is back up. Few channels are to be removed, need to consult with our source first, few got renamed but they're mostly the same as before. "Canal 11 FPF" and "NOS Studious" are added as well. Update your listing.
59th Update: Thanks to your detailed issue reports, we have been able to find some channels not working properly which are sourcing from specific servers inside our service. Our techies are already working on the software side of those servers. Just so you know, these channels including some of the FR: EX-YU: RO: ... bouquets. Fully aware and working on it.
60th Update: Resellers get in touch to get your panel access.
61st Update: Servers delivered and IT, GR, XXX are going to be up very soon. Will update you folks soon. By the way, UK source is encountering some issues since last night and they are sorting it out. If you see some channels, specially among Entertainment and Documentary packages being down, it's due to that.
62nd Update: XXX is being worked on right this moment and expect them to be live in about 1 hour. Other packages like FR and EX-YU are partly fixed and we are expecting the full fix to be applied from our sources in less than 24 hours. IT bouquet will be re-launched soon. If you see any any channels among UK bouquet being down or act jumpy, email us the exact stream name as it appears on your screen.
63rd Update: Adults, FR, ES, PL, SE, NO resolved. Checking others.
64th Update: NL is being worked on and by the looks of it, seems like we're going to have an even better NL bouquet from what we had before. We continue working on this bouquet and we expect it gets fully ready sometime around noon GMT time.
65th Update: NL is fully fixed. Some channels been removed and some renamed so refresh your list, but honestly, you're gonna love it now. PT was fixed last week but needs a bit of trimming which is being done now. Good idea to refresh your list to get the updated listing. And finally, SKY ITALIA. We'll fix our SKy Italia in the next few hours and you should have your IT channels up and running before October 8 sunrise :)
66th Update: Italian bouquet is almost done. Some channels must be removed and some new ones will be added. Most important streams are up.
67th Update: Earlier tonight there was an issue with NL and XXX channels but resolved now. We are positive and today we'll have RO CZ reworked and fixed. IT has slight issues form the source and soon it will be fixed as well, most important channels are up though.
68th Update: Earlier this morning, we had 1 hr of downtime due to SQL database issues, resolved after 1 hr. CZ been reworked and should be running fine now. Some 20 channels will be removed and some 60 new channels will be added. So till this point IT RO and CZ are reworked but are not finalized.
UK-US-CA: These bouquets been having massive issues, including loss of audio and audio sync issues. Fully aware of that and soon we are doing the ultimate thing, changing the source. Once we are assured by the new source that these issues are not the case with them, we'll start the migration ASAP. US clients be aware that we might be losing local channels for now.
69th Update: Confirmed! US and UK channels are soon to be reworked. Start of the rework will be announced here soon.
70th Update: UK rework starts now.
71st Update: Morning of October 12, first wave of UK rework is done. Some funny bugs we discovered which did affect all our bouquets which caused streams not to start or delayed and now resolved. Sky Movies should work better now and we expect the audio sync issue on UK resolved. 1080p Full HD channels are expected to load faster. 720p and SD channels of this bouquet are also expected to run better now. 2nd wave will start in 10 hours. After that U.S and then Canada bouquets are to be reworked.
75th Update: Romania is done, almost. There are around 50 channels about which need to consult with our source as to whether keep or remove them, but common, most important ones are up.
76th Update: Now we take a little break from Live TV and focus on VOD section. We have made some tests on VOD section and added 4 of the latest movies we missed due to recent incidents. Click here to see the latest additions/modifications of the VOD section. We would like to get some feedback of these new addition, how they work on your devices and whether the encoding of the files affect the audio/video experience. Let us know. Focus on new additions plz.
77th Update:
VOD: Some new VOD files added. Please understand that we are not encoding these VOD files anymore, this means if you are using an outdated device which does not have proper codecs to run, for instance, DTS audio format, then you'll lose sound. This is experimental for now.
BT Sport 50 FPS: They are back online as promised.
Bein Sports Arabia: Full list is up and running now.
Irish Channels: To our valued irish clients, we are aware that your country channels haven't been working properly for the past few days and we are sorry about that. Soon we'll fix them all and you'll be notified right here.
78th Update: VOD section is now fully updated in Movies part.

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