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Dear Client, as long as you see this pop up. it means service issue has not been resolved yet and we are working on it non-stop.


Read all the details here > https://www.fastip.tv/iptv-news

Our CMS software and the provider group are encountering issues and this is hitting almost all IPTV providers in the world.

Any purchase requests at this moment can not be responded and will be put on hold and once all fixed we will notify you to proceed.

Keep checking that page, we will post all the details there the moment we have them.



Attention 1: we just fixed full SKYUK channels. and other packages will be sorted soon


Attention 2: all usernames/passwords same as before. if you not sure about your username/password details, please search for service activation email, in inbox


Attention 3: all platforms should be up and running except for "E2 PLUGIN XtreamTV". if you were using "E2 PLUGIN XtreamTV", you need to change to following methods:



IPTV Reseller Offers

What is reseller offers and how it works?

Runnig a stable IPTV service is hard, VERY HARD! To have a client stay and convince them to keep renewing the subscription requires a high quality service, local streams, supporting, refreshing and keeping the service up to date. It also costs a lot to run a package locally. If you want to make money through IPTV but avoiding the headache of running the service yourself, you can join our reseller program.

Now let`s see why you should choose us for this:

Fair Offers, Make Money

Our offers are fair comparing to the broad range of channels and Video on Demand being provided. Also terms for recrediting the panel is very flexiable. We do not push our resellers!

Full Access Panel

A full management panel will be provided. You can create, extend, delete and fully monitor your accounts. If we update anything which affects resellers, updates will be posted on the panel front page as for your notification.

Make Sub-Resellers

All our resellers are allowed to recruit their own resellers and add them as their sub-resellers with the cost of 50 Credits. You can moderate them how ever you like. Good thing is, there are no names or tags of Fast IPTV on the panel so once they join as your sub-resellers, they`ll know you as their administrator.

Use Your Domain!

You can have the service running under your own personal domain. Register a nice paid domain for yourself and let us know to properly link it to your panel. Then your clients will have that domain working instead of ours so you`ll look completely legit.

Not Savvy? No Worries!

If you are not aware of the way IPTV works, how to manage a reseller panel or how to setup the service on different types of devices, fear not! We provide step by step tutorial articles which explain everything the easy way so that you become a professional reseller in no time!

No Rush!

Credits are stored on your panel so you can spend them whenever you find a new customer. There is no time frame for using your credits. They don`t get lost. The only thing you need to pay attention to is how you manage to spend them as to get the best out of what you have.

Let`em Taste it for Free

Good providers let their customers try the service first  for free. We enable you to give away free trials. This will help you, as a reseller, to let your clients have a taste of what kind of service you`re providing. Later on, as you grow bigger and get more active, we let you have more free trials per day.

Questions? Ask Away!

Although our tutorial articles are self explanatory, you`ll definitely have questions. We are here to answer them one by one. We are online every day, even on weekends and holidays and we do answer asap. You can click here to get redirected to the support page and start asking the first one now. 

What are the Terms of Use?

Like any service, our reseller offers come with a few easy-to-follow terms.

These terms get updated from time to time and we always post update terms here with the date recorded.

Simply read them before applying as a reseller and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Terms were updated on October 24th, 2018

1.Our reseller currency system is based on USD $$. Each credit equals to 1 USD. So when we say 45 credits, it basically means 45 USD.

2.To sign up as a reseller with us, you need to pay 120 USD. In other words, renting a reseller panel costs 120 credits.

3.To credit your panel, a minimum of 45 USD must be purchased. Meaning you can not recharge your panel for 30 or 40 credits. It has to be 45 credits at least.

4.Adding a sub-reseller will cost 50 credits. You are also able to assign a different price list for your sub-resellers.

5.Credits will not expire and you should not worry about losing your credits.

6.You'll have access to 40 free daily trials everyday to enable clients enjoy a free test before paying for the service.

7.Being inactive for a long time will result in panel access limitation. Valid accounts on that panel will work without any interruptions.

8.Abusing free trials will result in panel suspension.

9.Restreaming our feed will result in panel suspension and credit loss.


Now lets give a practical example of how a reseller can work this out:

To register as a reseller with us, a one-time fee of 120 US$ must be paid. This amount is apart from credits and you'll not receive any credits for the registration fee. After that, comes crediting the panel. 1 US$ equals to 1 Credit, so if you pay us 50 US$ you'll receive 50 credits in your panel. Every time you want to put credit inside the panel, a minimum of 45 credits must be paid for, meaning you can not pay for 30 or 40 credits.

Special Offer for Big Resellers

If a reseller can bring at least 100 users at the start, 20% discount will be applied to the credit-per-user rates shown below.

If you have any questions or probably discussing an offer on your mind, feel free to contact us by filling the contact form here.

1 Month

$9 / Each User
  • Full Administrative Access
  • Priority in Receiving Support
  • Unlimited Trials

3 Months

$22 / Each User
  • Full Administrative Access
  • Priority in Receiving Support
  • Unlimited Trials

6 Months

$40 / Each User
  • Full Administrative Access
  • Priority in Receiving Support
  • Unlimited Trials

12 Months

$72 / Each User
  • Full Administrative Access
  • Priority in Receiving Support
  • Unlimited Trials

Our Service

Handy Articles

About Fast IPTV

Fast IPTV was launched in 2015 with the purpose of providing, if not the best, one of the best possible IPTV streaming services that clients would ever find. We live up to our name: if the service title says Fast, then we are fast in terms of providing, supporting and maintaining. Clients are welcome to try the service for free and then if they find it satisfactory, we would be happy to have them joined. So Simle ;) and give us a shot.

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