If you're looking for IPTV reseller panel with affordable credit rates, reliable streams, various Live TV and Video on Demand content with constant support, you have come to the right place.

Whether you are want to start as a reseller or you already are an stablished reseller with considerable amount of clients, we would be happy to provide you with our service and can guarantee you with the reliability of our server as well as our support every step of the way.


 Features of our IPTV Reseller Panel

For sure, you are looking for enough reasons to consider our service. Below we will go through some of the features you will benefit from if you join us as a reseller. At any step, you can get in touch with us by submitting a support ticket. We will discuss the terms in person and set you up in no time.



Our offers are fair comparing to the broad range of channels and Video on Demand being provided. Also terms for the panel top up are very flexible. We do not push our resellers! no credit expiration and in the meantime, if a reseller is in need of credits and yet can't pay on the same date, we would be happy to cooperate and add the credits and postpone the payment for a short period of time 



A full management panel will be provided. You can create, extend, delete and fully monitor your accounts. If we update anything which affects resellers, updates will be posted on the panel front page as for your notice. You can even check the logs on your panel which will be helpful during the process of diagnosing a client's streaming issues.


All our resellers are allowed to recruit their own resellers and add them as their sub-resellers with the cost of 10 Credits which is a one-time fee. You can moderate them how ever you like. Good thing is, there are no names or tags of Fast IPTV on the reseller panel so once they join as your sub-resellers, they'll know you as their administrator. We set you as Master Reseller. Your sub-resellers can add resellers, too.



You can adjust the credit prices for your sub-resellers. For instance, if 1month package costs 2 credits for you, you can raise the price for your sub-resellers to 3 credits which results in 1 credit income for you. Since they have to consume more credits for the package, they will ask for credit top up sooner with which you will make money.


If you are not fully aware of how IPTV works, how to manage an IPTV reseller panel or how to setup the service on different types of devices, fear not! Step by step IPTV tutorial articles are available which will help you become a professional reseller in no time! Both our blog posts and our knowledge-base website are at your disposal



Credits are stored on your IPTV reseller panel so you can spend them whenever you find a new customer. There is no time frame for using your credits. They don't get expired. The only thing you need to pay attention to is how you manage to spend them as to get the best out of what you have.


Good providers let their customers try the service first  for free. We enable you to give away free trials. This will help you, as a reseller, to let your clients have a taste of what kind of service you're providing. number of available free trials to make per day is not limited but we do pay attention to how active a reseller is. Inactive resellers will hav the free trial feature disabled on their IPTV Reseller Panel.



Although our tutorial articles are self explanatory, you'll definitely have questions. We are here to answer them one by one. We are online every day, even on weekends and holidays and we do answer asap. You can Submit a Ticket and ask awaye regarding our IPTV Reseller Panel offers.


For sure, your clients will ask for specific Movies or TV Shows. We can add any movie that you want but for TV Shows the rating must be above 6 on IMDB. If you have any specific Video on Demand request for any specific country of your choice, it's also doable. We do our best to grow our VOD database on daily basis. You can checkout our channel list.



We have our own Android application. It has IPTV Smarters Pro as the core which is on of the best and most well-known IPTV applications in the market. There are no names or brands on it. Therefore, you can claim the application as your own. Our server address is also embedded inside the application so all your clients need to do is to enter username and password.

API Access To Your Desired Accounting

OIf you have your own custom client portal or accounting system, we will provide you with API token and proper format examples to link it to your reseller account. For instance, if you have your own WHMCS portal for your clients, you can easily link that to your reseller access and everything gets managed remotely. A template will be provided as an example to understand how it should be structured.



You can have the service running under your own personal domain. Register a nice paid domain for yourself and let us know to properly link it to your panel. Then your clients will have that domain working instead of ours so you'll look completely legit. By downloading the M3U address, it will be your domain shown, not ours.


How the pricing of our IPTV Reseller Panel works

Crediting system at Fast IPTV is pretty straight forward. Each credit costs 1 EUROS, thats 1credit = €1. Also each Credit equals to 1month.


Note: 1 Credit = 1 Euro = 1 Month

Note 2: Read about credit top up below.


  Small Basic Medium Advanced Ultimate

Credit Included







12 Months

12 Months

6/12 Months

3/6/12 Months

1/3/6/12 Months

24h Free Trial






API Access






Android App






Private DNS







Credit Top up: Later on when you want to top up the IPTV Reseller panel with credits, minimum required amount of credits to purchase would be same as credit amount value shown in the table above. For instance, the minimum required credit top up for Basic plan will always be 500 and you can not subscribe to that plan and top up for anything less than 500.


Have you picked your desired package? Contact sales team.


Note 1: Credit rates above are negotiable in certain conditions. For instance, if you already have considerable amount of users and sub-resellers before joining us and will bring them here in the first month, we would happily negotiate the IPTV Reseller plans mentioned above.

Note 2: Current resellers who are on old rating system, if you want to benefit from these new rates (1 credit = 1 Euro), You should choose one of the packages above to convert to. For instance, if you go with Small plan, you will not have access to free trials and your minimum top up amount would be for 200 credits.


Terms and conditions of our IPTV Reseller Offers


Like any service, our reseller panel offers come with a few easy-to-follow terms as well. These terms get updated from time to time and we always post update terms here with the date recorded. Simply read them before applying as a reseller and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Terms were updated on January 29th, 2024


1. Our reseller panel currency system is based on Euros €€. Each credit equals to 1 Euros. So when we say 100 credits, it basically means €100.

2. Service only provided through streaming lines, We do not and will not support Stalker Portal applications or devices.

3. Username and Password is randomly generated by our system and you are not and will not be able to edit that once generated.

4. To top up your IPTV reseller panel, a minimum credit to pay for is identical to the package price table above. For instance, if you have subscribed to Small plan (200 credits, 12months package) then the minimum top up amount would be 200 credits.

5. Credits will not expire and you should not worry about losing your credits.

6. You'll have access to an unlimited daily free trials (except for the Small plan) but that feature can be disabled if you abuse it at any rates e.g giving free trials on forums or provide free trials publicly to people you do not know.

7. Being inactive for a long time will result in panel access limitation. Valid accounts on that IPTV reseller panel will work without any interruptions until they expire.

8. Re-streaming our feed will result in panel suspension and credit loss.