Pay By Bitcoin

Pay By Bitcoin

To pay us using Bitcoin, simply send the fund to our BTC Wallet.
Once done, to help us confirming the payment, send us the details of your transaction or the Blockchain Refrence Link.

Fast IPTV BTC Wallet : 354JpKQsNJG8VqRrdSdkkc4a8iZfx6pyAL

Required Details for verifying your payment:

Your Purse ID
Blockchain Refrence Link/Code
Reason for The Payment

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About Fast IPTV

Fast IPTV was launched in 2015 with the purpose of providing, if not the best, one of the best possible IPTV streaming services that clients would ever find. We live up to our name: if the service title says Fast, then we are fast in terms of providing, supporting and maintaining. Clients are welcome to try the service for free and then if they find it satisfactory, we would be happy to have them joined. So Simle ;) and give us a shot.

Looking for CCCam? We only do IPTV stuff, but our partner Fast CCCam team who have been around since 2012 are the best CCCam choice you probably have out there. They do provide Free Trials so you can surely evaluate first and then subscribe. You can visit their website by clicking here.