How to run IPTV over VPN?

Day by day as we move forward, there are new ways to watch paid tv using services like CCcam, IPTV  ... . As of now, IPTV is the one nearly untouchable service that providers can not fight, at least not as easy as CCcam, But recently some providers are using law enforcement to fight IPTV and deprive users using this service to watch paid tv.

Let`s first briefly explain how IPTV works:

IPTV is short for "Internet Protocol TV" and in simple english means watching TV using internet. This means no satellite dishes, no LNB`s, No receiver boxes (at least not necessarily). You only need a quick, fast and stable internet connection with at least 15mbps of bandwidth. By fast we mean a network connection that has low ping time. Regarding the bandwidth, we chose the scale of 15mbps as some channels are in 1080p full HD so you need at least that amount of bandwidth to watch the channel buffer free and even more than that bandwidth if a channel is not transcoded (RAW).

Now imagine your ISP (Internet Service Provider) wants to inspect your connection seeing what you do, watch or anything else that you dont want them to see. There is only one way and thats Encryption. Encryption comes in different ways but in this case we (as you have guessed by now) suggest VPN.

If we are to explain this for newbies (like me ;) ): Virtual Private Network, in short VPN, connects once you are connected to internet and then, depending on the type and strength of encryption it has, starts encrypting your connection. No matter what you send or receive, the connection between your device and the VPN Server will be fully encrypted and those guys in the middle (ISP, Government, Hackers, Bad Guys) will only see nonsence. For instance you are chatting with a friend, saying "Hey Mark, How`s it going?", If you are connected to a vpn, this text from the device to vpn server changes to something like "&%^&$#)(JHftgd&^[email protected]&&(*" and it will be decrypted once reached the VPN server and finds it`s way to the destination.

Same encryption can be used while you watching IPTV to avoide inspectors seeing what you see.

But the question is: How and where should one apply this VPN connection?
We suggest using routers that have built-in vpn connection setup. These routers (like NetGear, D-Link, TP-Link) have a section called "VPN connection" or something alike. Once you purchased a vpn connection which can be obtained from unlimited providers on the web, among which there are countless good ones, you can easily setup the VPN connection on your router and it will get connected automatically. This way you secure every action you do while you are online. Remember: setting up a VPN connection directly on the router is good when your device (Smart TV, Tablet, Receiver, Mag box) doesnt have the ability to have VPN installed on, but if you are watching IPTV on a device that has the ability to setup and run VPN on, like your Pc or Laptop, you can simply run VPN directly on that. At any rate, it`s your decision to secure the device or the whole internet connection.

There are two vital points we would like you to pay attention to:

1-There are different VPN types and protocols, but the fastest one which also allows Multi-Threading (Basically means handling more processes) is L2TP. This protocol is usually provided by a secure code called IPSEC. So we advise L2TP/IPSEC protocol.

2-Make sure the VPN provider you are going to subscribe to has multiple servers in multiple locations. Choose the closest location so that after you are connected it adds the lowest latency (additional ping time) to your base connection.

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