IPTV Installation options on Amazon Firestick

Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the most commonly used hardwares in IPTV. It runs based on a Generic Android OS so it let's the client to install Apps from android app market.

There are broad range of apps which can be installed as an IPTV player and below are some of those listed:


1-Fast IPTV Android app is our most recommended app for Firestick if you are our client. The interface is same as IPTV Smarters Pro with the same engine in core of the application. It is installed by side-loading the apk file into the firestick. A special feature of our app would be built-in VPN functionality powered by our own private VPN servers. It connects by clicking one button and the user/pass is embedded inside. Contact us if you are our client so we provide you installation guide.

2-IPTV Smarters Pro is another choice. Interface is very neat and channels are listed in categories - of course if your provider categorizes channels. Movies and series are also properly outlined with full TMDB info. Every part of the application has a search bar so you can search and find your desired LiveTV channel, movie or TV Series. Here is a guide on How to install IPTV Smarters Pro on Firestick.

3-Smart STB is based on Stalker Portal enabling you to run IPTV with MAG-like interface. The behavior of the application is the same as what you can expect from and experience on a MAG device. You can download and install the app from Amazon WebStore on Firestick and follow this guide on How to install and configure Smart STB.

4-STB EMU is yet another Stalker portal application with a lot more features. STB EMU loads Stalker portal in the forefront but in the background of the app you have various features and options like changing the media player engine of the app which will result in better streaming of IPTV content and VOD content like if you want to play 4K and have issues with default engine. Here is a guide on How to install STB EMU on Amazon Firestick.

5-Smart IPTV App is a good app. Good and not great because it has it's downsides like complicated listing of categories and sudden reset of the application database where your pairing of M3U + TV MAC is stored on their side and ... BUT it is a good application. You can install it from Amazon Webstore on your firestick and follow this guide on How to install and configure Smart IPTV app