From time to time apps are updated to resolve bugs or have new features added. Smart IPTV App is no different and it is a good idea to keep it updated.
For instance, previous versions didnt have buffer size settings but new versions have this feature which will help you set the app to have an auto detect buffer size mode, 5 seconds buffer size which is good for slow connections and 10 seconds buffer size for bit faster connections. Bug fixes and new features are other good things which make updating to new version a good idea.

While it is good to keep your app updated, doing so is a bit tricky but yet an easy procedure. Here is how it`s done:

Note: This instance is taken from a Samsung Smart TV but other smart tv`s have similar procedure.

1-Open Samsung Smart Hub
2-Go to Featured Apps section
3-If you notice a blue upward arrow next to Smart IPTV App then an update is available
4-Hold down the Enter button on your remote controller until a menu pops up
5-Scroll down to Update Apps and open it
6-A list with available updates will appear
7-Run the update of the app and let the progress bar reaches the end and finishes the update process