As many of you know, VLC Media Player is one of the best and widely used players used for playing IPTV streams. It is also the best software to test and evaluate IPTV providers service meaning that if you have buffering issues with IPTV streams on your various devices and player apps, it is recommended to get the m3u extension of your IPTV account and run it via VLC player on PC to see if it does the same thing there.

Sometimes while using VLC player, due to low internet bandwidth, you may suffer from bad stream buffering which results in lagging and freezing of the picture. This usually happens on VOD streams more than Live TV. In this tutorial we`ll show you have to tweak this software to have a smooth playing stream and avoid getting lags.


1-Open Preferences

2-At the bottom right side, click Show All

3-From the left column, select Input/Codecs

4-Now that right side settings have changed, scroll down until you see Network Caching

5-Default value is 1000ms which means 1 second. Add another 0 to make it 10000ms (10seconds)

6-Click Save.

Now rerun the stream and you should notice big improvements.


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