Watching IPTV on iPhone with Smarters Player Lite

Being in almost everyone's pocket these days, apple's iPhone is a widely used smartphone. The clarity of the display and it's great multimedia player capabilities make iPhone a favorite device to watch IPTV on. So let's see How we can Watch IPTV on iPhone with Smarters Player Lite.

Update your iOS version to the latest version and let's go.


1-Open up AppStore, search for "Smarters Player Lite", install and then open it.


2-For your comfort, it is always best to use Xtream Codes API login method when entering a streaming line into an IPTV application. It saves you time and make it very easy to enter details.


3-Accept the TOS, terms of service.


4-Adding a M3U streaming line  to an application in Xtream Codes API format is pretty easy, let's give an example:

Remember, this is just an example, do not use the M3U below and use your own.

Say your M3U url looks like the one below:

Then adding the details into Smarters Player Lite would be like following:

Any Name: could be any name you like.

Username: according to our M3U url above it is user1

Password: according to our M3U url above it is pass1 : as per url above, our server:port is

Now click ADD USER.



5-If the input is correct, following should be displayed. Click on the list and proceed.


6-App is pulling data from the server, be patient. However, it should not take more that a few seconds.


7-Set a parental control PIN if you need to, otherwise hit Skip.


8-Installation of this app is pretty easy, so is using it. Enjoy.