If you want to install IPTV bouquet right beside your satellite bouquets, you should use a method called Autoscript Bouquet Installation. This is good if one likes to have all IPTV channel streams just like their satellite streams e.g ading them to favorite lists beside satellite channels or removing them.

To do so, you need the following:

1-Whether you are on trial or paid account, ask use for Autoscript .sh command

2-You need to know how to work with SSH Terminal. If not, How to use SSH Putty in IPTV

3-Enigma 2 Linux Based receiver box

Note: Autoscript .SH commands are in two types: OE1.6 and OE2.0 . We advise to use OE1.6 for non-Dreambox receivers like VU+. For Dreambox it is advised to use OE2.0 . The Difference is that OE1.6 is using Python 2.6 and OE2.0 uses Python 2.7 so if your box is, for instance, a non-Dreambox and yet you are sure it would work with Python 2.7 you can use OE2.0 and vice-versa.


Installation of The Script:

Connect to your box via SSH Terminal and copy/paste the Autoscript .SH Command we have provided you. The command should begin with Wget and ends in iptv.sh .Now hit Enter. Script runs and after a few seconds it will show a successfull message. Finally your box will be rebooted automatically and after it boots back up, a new bouquet will appear next to the satellite bouquets. You can now zap between IPTV streams just like you do with satellite channels.

Need an even more detailed tutorial? How to install Enigma 2 Autoscript via SSH.