If you are interested to have MAG Stalker Portal interface as your IPTV player but only have an Android device, STB Emu is yet another app which can satisfy your need. It can be installed on broad range of android devices like Smart TV`s, Amazon FireTV Stick, Tablets, Smart Phones, Android Boxes. In this tutorial, we`ll show you how to work with this app.
Update: Since February 6, 2021 we dont support Stalker portal anymore.
This post is just informatory.

First install STB Emu from Google PlayStore and then follow steps below:

1-After opening the app for the first time, a message pops up telling you that the first step is to go through Settings. Click any where on that screen and once control buttons appear, from the top right corner, click on the drop down button.

2-After the menu drops down, choose Settings.

3-From left column, choose Profiles.

4-From the right side, click on the default profile that already exists to edit it.

5-This is Profile Settings page. Choose Profile Name to have our profile named something that we later recognize. Name it what ever you wish and click OK.

6-Now from Profile Settings main page (Step 5) choose Portal Settings.

7-Click Portal URL.

8-Inside, type the Stalker Portal URL received from your provider. You`ll receive IPTV feed from this link so make sure to type it correctly. Click OK and go back.

9-Now choose STB Configuration.

10-In this page, we should find something called MAC Address. This address should be given to the IPTV provider for activation. Better recording it some where for quick access whenever needed.

11-Once done, go back to the app`s main page. If your MAC is activated by provider, it`s time to start the portal to have IPTV service working. This can be done in two ways: 1-From the drop down menu button on top right find Profile and choose the profile which you made 2-There is another menu button on the left. Click on it and Reload Portal will appear. Since you have only one portal configured, it will automatically reload that one.

If you are looking for a more detailed tutorial, here is How to install IPTV on STBEMU.