We've been asked quite frequently about the situation where a client gets a new device, say a new Smart TV, and wants to move Smart IPTV app and the IPTV account associated with to the new device. To avoid complications, do the following and migration should go smoothly.

Migrating the app comes first:

1-Make sure the newly purchased device supports Smart IPTV. You can do that by searching the name of the app on the App Market of the device.

2-Now the step of moving app paid license to the new device: Contact Smart IPTV support team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let them know you want to move to the new device. Provide them your TV MACs of the old and new devices.


Then comes moving the IPTV account to the new device:

1-Visit Smart IPTV website at https://siptv.app/mylist/ . This page, as it has been explained in previous tutorials, is where you pair the TV MAC obtained from the app and the m3u url you receive from us as you IPTV account.

2-At the bottom left of this page, you'll see Delete Playlist field. Put your old device TV MAC in that field and hit Delete button. This should delete your IPTV playlist which is paired to the TV MAC from app online database.

3-Finally, on the same page, pair the m3u url with the new TV MAC.

4-Reload the new app, Done!


Detailed tutorial can be found here on How to migrate your IPTV account alongside Smart IPTV App from an old device to new one.