Among all the great IPTV applications, XCIPTV is one which sits at the top of the list. It has almost all the key features that users can ask for. It is available on different platforms but in this article we will see how to Install XCIPTV player application on android devices.

What would IPTV users ask for from a player application? XCIPTV has it all, specially the manual and scheduled recording feature which most users look for. The application is available on Google Play Store and therefore the installation is easy as well. The free version of the app has little Ads on dashboard and if you want to remove that, you can pay for the license but that little ad will never be in your way.

XCIPTV player is made by ottrun and the team been around since 10 years ago. Not only end users but also IPTV providers use it as their own rebranded application. You can Install XCIPTV player application on android, iOS, Windows and even run it on your web browser using the web version.


Install XCIPTV player application on android devices


Install XCIPTV player application on android devices

1-Open play store, click on the search field. We want to look up and Install XCIPTV player application.


Install XCIPTV player application on android devices

2-Type XCIPTV and once the correct suggestion shows up, click on it to install XCIPTV on your android device.


Install XCIPTV player application on android devices

3-Click Install XCIPTV.


Install XCIPTV player application on android devices

4-Once XCIPTV installation is finished, Open the application.


Install XCIPTV player application on android devices

5-The first look of the application on first launch after you install XCIPTV on android would be Xtream Codes API login page where you should enter the streaming line details of your subscription.

Let's see how details of an IPTV Streaming line should be inputted here.

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If the streaming line of your IPTV account is the one below: (Just an example, use only as a reference. Use your own M3U address data)

Then the details should be entered the following way:

Enter XC API URL: according to the m3u address above, we should enter

Username: Based on the m3u address above, the correct value is user1

Password: should be pass1

Please pay attention! this was just an example and you should use it as a reference, a pattern on how you should enter the data of your own streaming line on XCIPTV after installing it on android


Once all entered, click SIGN IN.


pulling data

6-Application starts pulling meta data and the listing of LiveTV, VOD which is referring to Movies, Series and the EPG from the IPTV Server. Wait until all is shown as Completed. This is the last step you take to install XCIPTV.


dashboard loaded

7-You have now successfully Installed XCIPTV on android is now finished and the dashboard is loaded and content is ready to play. As mentioned before, the free version of the application has a little advertisement on dashboard which is visible in the picture above at the bottom. It's in no way irritating. Let's have a look at the playable content on the app, see how it looks like.


live tv listing

8-Also, after you install XCIPTV, Live TV would look like this. Categories are listed on the left column and when you move over on each category, the listing of the channels inside will show up with Picons if available from your IPTV provider. On top right, you have the option to change the sorting of the channels as well as a search function.


movies listing

9-This would be the look on movies section after installation of XCIPTV.


series listing

10-Series section looks like the above, pretty much the same.


live tv playing

11-And this is the look when a Live TV content is being played. As you can see the EPG a nicely poised and propagated. Pressing on the display box at the top or clicking the OK button on the remote will maximize the stream to full screen.



If you are looking to have a great IPTV experience on your android device, Install XCIPTV player application. The look of the app is nice and almost all the functions that you would ask for are available. The application is available on Google play store hence you will have an easy installation. Best of all, it is free.