How to pay for Fast IPTV service with Bitcoin as a single user?

Paying IPTV with cryptocurrency is probably the best and safest choice you can make. You will keep your identity unknown while paying for the service.

To pay for Fast IPTV service via Bitcoin, following steps must be taken.

If you do not have Bitcoin, please read this simple tutorial to learn how easily you can obtain Bitcoin.

Once learned, or if you know your way around Bitcoin stuff, proceed with following steps.



1-Log onto our website homepage at and below the slideshow choose your desired package



2-Put the required details and click Continue.

Note: Your Name field could be any name.



3-Choose Bitcoin but If you have other Crypto Coins like the ones listed, you could chosse it as well.



4-1: This is the live most updated Bitcoin/USD value that you are going to pay.

4-2: This (1GiQ5sNNCHf3Ajfc4CHnKJG9inWHd6zhQx) is a unique Bitcoin wallet address that the system has generated for your transaction.



5-Now log onto account that we explained how to work with in the tutorial given above. Click on your wallet sign above.

5-1: From the previous step, copy the Bitcoin address generated for your invoice and paste it here.

5-2: Copy and paste the Bitcoin amount from the previous step.

5-3: Type your account password as a confirmation.

Now click Send From Wallet and payment should go through.

We'll receive a notification and will process your order ASAP.