Running IPTV service on Openbox v9s

Unlike Openbox v8s that we are very hesistant about suggesting it as an IPTV device, Openbox v9s can easily and smoothly handle IPTV through the plugin it has.

For this, we need to first make sure our device software is up-to-date and then we move forward with adding the IPTV service.


How to upgrade Openbox v9s software?

1-Click Menu button

2-Move right to NetCenter

3-Choose Upgrade by Network

4-Click Red button to start the upgrade process

5-It should take a while and if the progress bar remains at 0%, that is what usually happens

6-If all goes well as expected, box will reboot itself and we get ready for the next part


How to add IPTV to Openbox v9s using M3U url?

1-Click Menu button

2-Choose Camds Setup - If it's not there, click number number 6 button four times.

3-Choose IPTV

4-In the new window, on the first row, set Type to XTREAMCODE.

5-Now set server:port , username and password on proper fields.

6-Go down to Default and click OK button

7-Below you should see the Status: changes from NONE to Connecting and if all goes well, it should change to Get Channels Success

8-Click Exit button twice to go back to NetCenter

9-Choose Network App

10-Choose Xtream Code

11-App should load up with the channel list. You can click on Play button to bring up categories list.


A more details tutorial can be seen here on How to setup IPTV on Openbox v9s