XCIPTV would be an ideal choice to install if you are using an Android device with Google Play Store available. This application has all the necessary functions and features. The streaming functionality is very fluid and optimized. 

We will see the available features first and then get into installing XCIPTV and setting up the playlists.


What features are available in XCIPTV

The application is full of nice and handy features:

  1. Scheduled recording
  2. 2 different player engines: VLC and MX Player
  3. Playback tweaking settings
  4. Back up the settings on Cloud
  5. Pre-buffer size management
  6. Very optimized playback


If you have an Android box or even an Android TVOS Smart TV, like SONY TV, XCIPTV can be installed from the Play Store. Equipped with 2 of the most versatile media player engines, this app can play any content no matter the audio or video codecs. It will also allow you to adjust the settings to have smooth playback even if you are on a very slow or high-latency connection.


How to install XCIPTV on an Android device


This application is only available on Google Play Store, for that reason you kindly need to use an Android device that has access to it. Install the app and then follow the steps below.


xciptv loading

1-While XCIPTV is loading. you should see the following scene. It is of utmost importance to pay attention to the publisher of this app. OTTRUN is the original publisher and developer of it. Please do not fall for other fake copies online.


xtream codes api login

2-The login page is the next step. Here is where you should add the credentials provided by IPTV provider. The default method is Xtream API which we have full guide for. If you want to change the login method and use other API formats on XCIPTV, there are other choices available. Click the Gear icon if you are interested. If not, then just skip to step 4.


different api settings on xciptv

3-Apart from XC method, you could use the following:

-EZHOMETECH API: Is the API code from a different IPTV CMS panel. If your provider is using that one, you can use that structure.

-FASTOCLOUD: Yet another IPTV panel solution.

-M3U URL: The very well-known streaming URL extension to load playlists into the application.

-ACCOUNT: Contains the details about your subscription.


entering iptv login details

4-Going back to the login page. So the normal method of adding your IPTV details into XCIPTV would be XC API.

Note: We always provide all our clients with these details but if you have only a Streaming Line, read this full guide to understand how to make Xtream Codes API login details.

Once done, click SIGN IN and proceed.


content importing in xciptv

5-If the credentials are correct, all the contents should be imported and return the status Completed.



6-Dashboard is loaded and XCIPTV is ready for streaming.


Regular questions


Does it work on Apple devices?

XCIPTV can not be installed on iOS and MAC as it was removed from the App Store. The branded version which is promised by OTTRUN will be available for Apple devices in the near future.


Is it possible to install XCIPTV on Firestick?

Since this app is not available on Amazon app market, the APK file is required to do the side-load method installation, also known as installation from unknown sources. The APK file for XCIPTV Is only available through branded version, which is the custom premium version made for IPTV providers or resellers. Therefore it is not possible to install this app on Fire TV Stick.