Adding channels to favorite on IPTV Smarters Pro will help you access your most viewed streams in a quicker way. You can add them all into on single category and with an easy flick of the remote change between them.

Favoriting channels on IPTV Smarters Pro is pretty easy. Holding the remote button on any channel will bring up the favoriting option, click on it and done. Let's see how.


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  • Foreword about favoriting

  • Adding channels to favorite on IPTV Smarters Pro


Foreword about favoriting

It can be done on all versions of the application on all platforms, meaning the iOS and Android versions both have this function unlike some other features Live TV recording or adding external player which are only doable on android version.

On another note, IPTV Smarters was removed from Apple Appstore sometime ago but it was replaced with Smarters Player lite. This application is the rename of IPTV Smarters pro and it was introduced as the substitute for Apple devices. so on iOS you can use that one.


Adding channels to favorite on IPTV Smarters Pro

Favorite on IPTV Smarters Pro channel list

1-While watching a channel, on an android device like a tablet you can tap screen once so the info bar appears. On TV Boxes which have remote controller, you can prss OK/Center button once.


add to favorite

2-If you come to this channel list from dashboard, it is also the same. Basically we just need to bring up the channel listing to do the Favorite on IPTV Smarters Pro.

Now, hold the touch or OK button on the channel that you want to add to favorite. When Add to Favorite appears, select it.


rd heart channel added to favorite

3-A beautiful red heart sign will appear next to that channel, indicating that this channel is already added to favorited.


list of all channels added to favorite

4-In the left column, if you select FAVOURITES, thats where all the favorited channels are listed.


remove channels from favorite smarters

5-If you want to remove a channel from favorites, simply hold the touch/button on it and once the drop down options appear, click Remove from Favorite.



Adding channels to favorite on IPTV Smarters Pro gives you the ability to have a quick access for the channels watched the most. This feature is available on all platforms for this applications. Removing channels from favorite is done the same way.