We have a case where EPG content on TiviMate does not display. Application refresh, clearing EPG from the app or even removing and re adding the IPTV account would make no difference. In this tutorial, we will see how easy it is to fix Tivimate EPG issue.


Fix TiviMate EPG issue

Sometimes, it is possible that new EPG data is not properly overwritten on Tivimate due to application malfunction, usually on Firestick, and therefore the EPG table will look empty, just like the above. This can be fixed in a very easy way by clearing cache for Tivimate application. Let's do this on a Firestick as an example and see how we can Fix TiviMate EPG issue.


Fixing TiviMate EPG issue


1-From the dashboard of your Fire TV stick, go to Options by clicking on the Gear icon.


Fix TiviMate EPG issue

2-Go to Applications. It could show as Apps, same thing.


Fix TiviMate EPG issue

3-Choose TiviMate.


clear cache

4-Clear the Cache.


clear cache

5-Confirm the process by selecting OK so Firestick clears cache which is a big step towards fixing TiviMate EPG issue.


force stop

6-Now Force stop the application.


force stop

7-This will stop any on-going processes by TiviMate, makes everything ready for us to reload application. Click OK.



8-Now while we are on the Application Settings page of Tivimate, click Open to launch it.



9-There are still a few tiny tweaks to be made on the app for fixing EPG issue on Tivimate. Once TiviMate opens up, click the Left Arrow button twice so the left column bar appears, then click Settings. If you know how to make this section appear then no need to be on a channel specifically, just bring it up.


epg section

10-Choose EPG.


epg section

11-Following settings must be enabled to add to the frequency of the EPG data refreshing process:

Update on app start: so the fresh EPG data is pulled from the source once you launch the application.

Update on playlist change: this will add yet another data refresh function once you change the playlist.

To initiate the process manually, click on Update EPG so it starts from now. The fix for EPG issue is done now.


epg fixed

12-Now if you go back to the channel info page, you should notice that EPG has been propagated just fine.

Note: Sometimes it might take a few seconds for the first time.



Whenever the EPG on Tivimate dos not propagate properly, the quickest and easiest way to Fix TiviMate EPG issue is to clear application cache through device settings. Remember, make sure that the EPG data is available from your EPG source.