On android devices with OS version 10 and above, Smart IPTV has shown a bug. The virtual MAC address of the application (Also know as TV MAC) changes frequently. In this post, we will have a look at Fixing Smart IPTV change of MAC address on Android 10+.

Let's reproduce the Smart IPTV change of MAC address:

Smart IPTV application is an IPTV player which has a unique method of playlist addition. The application generates a virtual MAC address called TV MAC which is needed to be paired with M3U address of your IPTV account on their portal. On devices like Firestick or Smart TVs, the TV MAC usually remains static and won't change unless some hardware reset is applied to the device. But on android devices with Android OS 10 and above, this application has shown a bug in which the TV MAC which is generated by the network interface of the device changes upon every time the wifi reconnects.

Devices (this is not about Generic android like Firestick) like tablets, media setup boxes and phones with operating system version 10 and above changes upon every device restart and/or power off/on. However, this is the case if your device is connected to internet through WiFi as the virtual MAC address of the app is generated, or let's say identical to, the network interface of the device. However, if you use LAN connection (connecting the device to network router via cable), you should not experience this issue.


If you are looking for a guide to install this app, read this tutorial on Installing Smart IPTV manually using APK file.


How to Fix Smart IPTV MAC address change on Android devices?


Fixing Smart IPTV MAC change

1-Click on Settings.


Fixing Smart IPTV MAC change

2-Go to WiFi and scroll down the right column.


privacy settings

3-As you can see on the right, the device MAC is randomized, we need to make it static. Click Privacy.


mac set on device hardware address

4-Set the setting to Use device MAC.

With that done, Fixing Smart IPTV MAC is done and MAC address should not change anymore.



Smart IPTV application has a bug in Android version 10 and above in which MAC address of the application changes every time the device is rebooted or powered off/on. This is due to the fact that the MAC address of the device is set on Randomized mode. By changing that to static mode (Device Hardware MAC) this issue gets resolved.